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Students can even use online interactive math manipulatives to complete the activities as well! The teacher used pattern blocks to illustrate how and why the given pattern blocks represented the ONE. Problem one was completed by the teacher as the students observed her strategies.

Students will use number lines and lowest common multiples to determine if two fractions are equal. Students were required to draw the problem representing the counters and grouping of the fraction. The learner will accurately multiple fractions with fractions and fractions with whole numbers. What are equivalent fractions?

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Students write fractions and decimals using unifix cube models and grid paper.


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Fractions can sometimes cause difficulty, especially when adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. Students will be using fractions equivalent fraction strips worksheets will find some students. Have your students see equivalent fraction models in action with this great fraction strip activity. Estimating Fractions Guide, including all the materials found in each guide when purchased separately! Why not guide your kids through this math help online for free and ensure the best results at school. Great practice for the STAAR test! You are no longer impersonating!

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Fun, detective themed activity that can be completed independently, with partners, or in small groups.


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