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Short error: You are not opted into Business Policies. Long error: Failed to upload one or more documents. The Tax Office does not have an Email address for you. Long error: Seller does not ship to PO Box addresses. Field is in incorrect format for a numeric field. Long error: claim can not revert to SMIR twice. The data specified in the field will be ignored. Expand your existing software with our Advanced API. Product ID for which related products can be computed. Short error: Local listings are currently not allowed.

If incorrect, update and resubmit the return. Long error: invalid request to saml process auth. Short error: The amount is in invalid format. Remember to update your item and shipping prices, too. Short error: Your security code is incorrect. The IRS will either accr rejecte federal return.

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The Schema is made available to those individuals, software companies and organizations who wish to use this code to help create their own software utility for filling up these forms. Sql Server Schema.

Short error: The channel user id or name is invalid. Hi, I had an issue with saving xml file of ITR. Short error: Package type remapping information. Short error: User ID has EE at last position. My Return in the upper left.

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The dependent listed on the return that is referenced, already filed a return where they were listed as the primary or spouse and did not indicate someone else could claim them.

Long error: Dispute opened using new UPI flow cannot be updated.


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