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Many people were annoyed at the Australian government for sending troops, however, once in Vietnam, the mission of ending communism had to be completed.

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Whatever the score in the air skirmish on the following morning, the Pakistanis were left with an IAF pilot and the wreckage of his plane.


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US that is under growing threat of nuclear attack by North Korea, but also its key allies in Asia, including South Korea and Japan, as well as Australia.

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Chinese claims to the islands should be taken seriously and not only because the interests CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONSCONFLICT IN THE EAST CHINA SEA: WOULD ANZUS APPLY? Indian paramilitary soldiers in Srinagar.

It could be offering Trump a deal for Indian forces in Afghanistan in return for India getting POK and Trump offering this as his solution under his meditation in Kashmir! The vast South Pacific, so near to Southeast Asia and vital sea lines of communications, is of great strategic value to the United States and the West.


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The idea was that the United States would protect and shelter Western Europe with its standing army and nuclear umbrella until Europe could handle its own defense once more. Pakistan will be forced to retaliate.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has noted, ANZUS requires both parties to consult, and then a decision on if, how and when to intervene militarily, would be made by cabinet. This is to the deteriorating situation in its leveragehavediminished as it is in the global order in contrast, the treaty and respected middle powers.

Norway and Sweden for example are both states with diplomatic influence in East Asia.


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New Zealand was grateful to have its defences against the Japanese boosted, and America used New Zealand as a strategic point of supply, medical treatment, and rest and relaxation for troops.


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Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers Robert Menzies and Sidney Holland that the Agency would essentially be a revitalised and widened version of previous ANZAM defence arrangements between their three countries. Australia also welcomed the second CTBT Article XIV Conference to be held in New York in September to facilitate early entry into force of the Treaty. Pro Reference But the plan to convene the meeting annually might be too ambitious.