Ankle Reconstruction Surgery Protocol

The skin and reconstruction surgery protocol

The preferred operative treatment is primary repair using a modified Broström technique because of its simplicity and strong reproducible outcomes. Nonanatomic reconstructions are typically the reconstruction surgery protocol. Chris is a highly qualified Physiotherapist and Human Movement Educator with extensive experience in elite level sport.

You will wake up from surgery in a dressing that is hard in the back and soft in the front which will protect your foot and ankle and allow swelling. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you visited our website. Did you find this technique helpful?

Since anaesthesia is used there is a chance of anaesthesia complications including adverse reactions or allergic reactions. Pottery As Az Techniques for repair of the lateral ankle ligaments.

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The pain is severe and unrelieved with medication.

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Fibular groove deepening for recurrent peroneal subluxation.

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Total Ankle Replacement Surgery educational video.


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If you are in pain, take medicine.

Ankle ligament reconstruction protocol

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Although most of these are initially managed conservatively, a percentage will fail and require subsequent ankle surgery to stabilize the lateral ankle. You have any questions or problems. Lateral Ankle Reconstruction Protocol.

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Evans procedure did not show promising results: only half of patients reported their ankles were fully recovered or much better than before surgery. Another complication is superficial peroneal nerve distribution sensation reduction.

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Overall, the Broström procedure has shown excellent results in restoring ankle stability, with relatively low reoperation rates and good longevity. Accurate measurement of ankle range of motion after total ankle arthroplasty. They will then make all necessary incisions. This is a very common procedure done.

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