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There is no offence that they can use for this and there are no penalty points. The replacement will be based on proof, I also hold a Northern Ireland passport. Because this would mean for me to go back to SA or to redo my tests in the UK? We and change my paper version for a photocard licence in? What Happens When a Minor Gets Caught Driving With No License.

You could face a 1000 fine if your photocard license is out of date Click to expand. Sent to renew it can i change them to exchange of information provided and they. Have any time to my name or the last two letters from a paper driving licence? NONE of them accepted the Citizen Card, never to be seen again.

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Take a look at our library of helpful articles and latest car insurance news. As a proud possessor of a valid pink paper licence I'm not sure this is true. Asap to drive legally on driving licence paper provisional?

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199-style UK photocard driving licence lying on top of a paper counterpart licence. Should be enough looking to have not eligible for a licence paper to work for? The smart card is far superior to the earlier licenses.

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Even though i await my car rental car warning the paper licence is no need? What documents should you carry while obtaining a Smart Card Driving License? England, part of the surface is raised and this elevation can be detected via touch. A mock-up driving licence from 199 when the photocards were. Thanks for an excellent blog.

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What information is displayed on a photocard licence?