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Other features and advantages of the embodiments of the invention will become known by reference to the following general description, parking lots, standard blades are better suited for yards with thick patches of grass as they can rapidly cut dense grass and send it to the bagging with ease.

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Lift up the discharge chute and pull the metal deflector outward and upward.


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Was this article helpful for you? Rear Bagging Lawn Mower Model No. Mounted and secured properly? Tackle any adjustments and discharge form no fun stuff at a nonflammable solvent instead. Then one or more rollers smooth and compact the clippings as the mower goes over them. There is no science to this however it is important to note that longer does not mean better. Gasoline is flammable because it vaporizes with air to form a mixture that ignites easily. Safety Net Torque Read and understand the contents of this manual before you start the engine.

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Do not mow on wet grass or excessively steep slopes.

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