Information about Deck Cadet Sponsorship for all top companies for August Batch? Students are to refrain from carrying any generic medicines at the time of joining. Candidates who have completed the essential course in merchant navy can land positions effectively through different consultants and placement agencies. There are always moments when you learn about how to handle situations at sea when faculty tell their own stories. STCW course fees Exam fees Boarding and Lodging As applicable As Rs.

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Some companies do not participate in the Internship Programme but instead recruit students directly from GEIMS upon course completion.

You will be required to make own arrangements to meet the following expenditure during your training period at AEMA.

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The college is well managed and is a good place to start your career at sea. Four days out the ship ran into a severe gale and the failure to screw down furniture and fittings resulted in such items being thrown around the saloons.

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